Means of production

SMCF INDUSTRIELLE has opted for independence and incorporates planning and manufacture of injection moulds for rubber materials in itsactivities. In this way it is possible to control all production steps and to react to the customers'needs.

Designing the injection moulds

Thanks to the integral planning of injection moulds for rubber parts, executed by an experienced R&D team, it is possible to react to customer requirements.

Due to this team's planning work with the moulds, the geometry of the drawn parts is exactly defined and their repetition precision in serial production is guaranteed.

The planners have precise knowledge of the rubber material flow in the moulds and can thus design moulds with optimised design and injection points in order to produce the parts as planned and in line with customer requirements.

The Research and Development Department uses the following special software:

  • 5 workstations with the CAD software Think Design (Catia V4 and V5 interface)
  • 2 workstations with the CAM software OpenMind Hypercad

SMCF INDUSTRIELLE has an internal network with a link between the departments for research and development and for industrialisation processes and the factory floor with computeraided production management.

Factory floor for the production of the injection moulds

Because of continuous investment SMCF INDUSTRIELLE has specially adapted and competitive systems.

It is the job of the factory department to manufacture injection moulds of the highest quality and in as short a time as possible, in line with the customer’s planning.

To comply with the activity requirements, the factory equipment of SMCF INDUSTRIELLE includes the following installations and machines:

  • 1 5-axis simultaneous processing centre made by HURON with Twist Head.
  • 5-axis processing centres.
  • 2 cavity sinking EDM machine made by AGIE.
  • 1 surface grinding machine...